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  Save money and save face—
  don't let web site errors
  go undetected.
Wouldn't you like to know about web site downtime before your visitors do? With QWK.Mon, you can be alerted within minutes if there is a problem with your web site, server, or provider.
  QWK.Mon requires no client-side software—it runs entirely from our servers, 24 hours a day.
  Our logging and reporting tools can even show you if your provider is living up to their service level agreement.
  free monitoring at usable intervals
  toll-free telephone access to your account
  reliable monitoring with our parallel monitoring engine
  performance logging and graphing
  detailed reports of any detected downtime
  peace of mind, knowing that site errors won't go undetected
Monitoring intervals from five minutes to one hour are available. If your site or server does not respond to the scheduled status check, you will be paged about the problem immediately.
  QWK.Mon supports all pagers, cellular phones, and other devices with an e-mail to pager gateway, as well as ICQ messaging. The system can also call any standard telephone with a voice report.
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Registration and basic monitoring are FREE. Add your site and be alerted of downtime!
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(Note: this number is for reporting system-wide issues only)
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