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Welcome to WebAuthorities. We are a privately owned debt free company located       in Christiansburg, Virginia.

We offer high quality hosting services at affordable costs.
With over 2 years in the business, we know what customers need from a hosting company.
With over 300 sites and 5 plus servers, we have the power you need to run a successful business or have a personal space on the Internet.
In the over 2 years of hosting, we have learned a few things:
We understand that from time to time you will have questions about your site or about the server. That's why we have a three teir support system.
First, we have a fully developed support site containing everything from setting up e-mail accounts to how the control panel works.
Second, we have online public access user support forums. Go there to ask any question you have or just say hi to fellow web hosts.
Third is our online help desk ticket system.
You can usually chat with us live using ICQ.
While having a powerful site is important, price is a big consideration, that's why we have never raised our prices since we have been in the business. What's more we have added lower priced plans to help those on a tight budget.
WebAuthorities values non profit organizations, therefore we give non-profit sites a greatly reduced rate for hosting accounts.
Our servers are powerful Pentium III processors of 700 MHz or more, 256 MB of RAM, SCSI HD's and plenty of bandwidth.
Our CPU utilization rarely goes over 15% at any given time.Large storage drives and lots of memory help to keep your site up and running.
WebAuthorities knows how improtant it is to have your site available to the public.
While we offer a 99% uptime guarantee, our actual track record is better than 99.5%. We always notify you, via the support forums, of site downtimes, server upgrades or other maintenance. We hate to be in the dark and know that you do to.
Our server performs a weekly full backup and a nightly incrimental backup offering you peace of mind by knowing that your site will always be up.
Web Based Control Panel
Our web based control panel comes standard with every account. It gives you the ability to manage all aspects of your account in order to make the best use of your feature options. Within your browser, you can add or remove e-mail accounts, view web site statistics, backup your site and much more. With this extraordinary tool you do not only gain control, but also the flexibility to make changes within your time frame and according to your particular needs. Give it a test spin at http://webauthorities.com/cpanel/ with a login of demo and password of demo.
Multiple Plans and Pricing
We understand that it is difficult in this day and age to find the "host with the most" but at the best price, therefore, we have developed several different hosting plans. We also provide sub-domain hosting for those wanting a web presence but not needing a domain name.
We hope you chose us for your hosting or e-commerce needs. If there is any way we can aid you in your decision or answer some questions about our services, don't hesitate to make a request. You can schedule us to call you (so you don't have to wait on hold), fill out a help ticket, or talk to a live rep online.
Thanks, and best of luck with your site.  
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