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ResellerAffiliate Program
Want to sell sites to your friends?
Or want to become your own reseller,
but don't want the hassels of billing, support and account management?
Then our Affiliate Program is for you.
We bill. We support. You get paid
How it works
We offer you a two tier payment level. The first tier pays you 20% on every site that you refer that signs up. The second tier pays you 10% of every site that your first tier signs up. What's more, this is a monthly recurring fee. Not a one time or flat fee. If you do the work, we pay you for it.
What's more, you don't have to be a client to take advantage of this. You can have your monthly commision check mailed to you or applied to an existing account. Best of all, this costs you NOTHING to join.
You sell three bronze accounts to your friends:
  Account 1-1 We bill $15.00 and pay you $3.00 (20%)
  Account 2-1 We bill $15.00 and pay you $3.00 (20%)
Account 3-1
We bill $15.00 and pay you $3.00 (20%)
Your friends sign up with the affiliate program
and they sell 1 bronze account each:
  Account 1-2 We bill $15.00 and pay you $1.50 (10%)
  Account 2-2 We bill $15.00 and pay you $1.50 (10%)
Account 3-2
We bill $15.00 and pay you $1.50 (10%)
Chat&Live Support
Got more questions?
For more information, call our Toll free number:
(1-877-946-7863)–sales calls only
Local to Roanoke Area 540-381-5315
  Most Major Credit Cards Accepted
  Quarterly Payment by Check is available
  We do NOT host Adult or Porn Sites
  See our Acceptable use Policy
  All sub-domains / Redirections use the main sites resources.
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