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Whether you co-locate a server with us or lease one of ours, we give you the most options for your money.
Our custom program allows you to customize your services with us.
Give them a try using one of the links below:
You decide how fast the processor is, how much memory it has, how big the hard drive is and more. We custom build the server to your specifications.
All dedicated servers come with:
Apache 1.3.17
RedHat 6.2
MySQL Ver 11.12
Distrib 3.23.32,
for pc-linux-gnu (i686)
Perl 5.6.0
Pre-installed cgi scripts
(see Cpanel3 Demo)
login: demo, psw: demo
Your nameserver
99.5% up time guarantee
Customize your server
Our colocation services gives you everything you need to host your server or others.
You can buy rackspace in single 1U sizes or all the way up to full racks.
Bandwidth can also be purchased as low as 10GB or multiple 1MBps connections. All of which come with our 99.5% network up time guarantee.
your colocation services
Chat&Live Support
All dedicated servers require a 4 month contract (paid monthly). If you sign a 6 month contract, then take 50% off of the setup fee. If you sign a 12 month contract there is no setup fee.